Our Story

After informal discussions in August 2007 at the Red Wing Farmers’ Market, Clarence Bischoff, a founder, first president and first manager of the RW Farmers’ Market Association, invited community memberstogether to form a Food Cooperative Steering Committee.

After doing initial survey research and holding a public meeting, the Steering Committee decided toproceed and incorporate as a cooperative. The Board undertook organizational work and the development of an Initial Feasibility Study. In December 2009, after months of extensive research into all aspects of cooperative development and operation, we moved to the Implementation Stage with a Founding Members Campaign.

Our aim is to provide tasty, healthful, nutritious, sustainably grown, fresh, local food products along with a full array of household and personal care products that meet the criteria of the sustainability principles. As a cooperative, our commitment is to provide the best service possible. Our members are the owners and through a democratic structure provide local control of the cooperative. Accessibility is a cornerstone of the Riverbend beliefs.

We believe that Riverbend Market Cooperative will bring enduring economic, public health, social, and ecological benefits to our community.