Stuffed Peppers

Bell Peppers and Sweet Peppers…What’s the difference? Simply Stuffed Pepper Recipe

By Jennifer M. Wood, MS, RDN | The bell pepper, also known as a sweet pepper, is the most popular member of the Capsicum family. They have a characteristic bell shape with a crunchy, firm texture and sweet, delicate flavor. They aren’t hot like other peppers, making them more appealing to sensitive tongues. Bell […]

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Fresh basil leaves with vintage scissors on rustic dark wood background.  Low key still life with di

A Basil Appraisal: Fresh Basil Pesto Recipe

By Jennifer M Wood, MS, RDN | Basil is an herb that is a member of the mint family. It is most commonly found in Italian dishes like bruschetta or pizza, and it’s the main ingredient in pesto. Basil is fragrantly sweet, with a slight tea-like scent. Basil has a uniform green color and […]

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Red Beets

Beet You To It! How to make roasted beets

by Jennifer M Wood, MS, RDN | Are beets healthy? With their deep, ruby color and natural sweetness, it’s surprising that the humble beet doesn’t get more attention! The rich colors are a good indication that the beet is chock full of nutrients. But which is more nutritious, the beet greens or the beet […]

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Heirloom tomatoes

You Say Tomatoes? How to easily peel a tomato

by Jennifer M Wood, MS, RDN | How to buy and how to store fresh tomatoes There are many varieties of tomatoes on the market today, from large, juicy varieties great for cooking or slicing, to tiny cherry or grape varieties that are perfect for salad toppings. There are also many colors to choose […]

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fresh harvested cucumbers

Cool as a Cucumber: Freezer Pickles Recipe

by Jennifer M Wood, MS, RDN | Feeling a little hot this time of year? Cucumbers can help keep you “cool as a cucumber” during summer because they’re actually 95% water, which can help you stay well hydrated during the dog days of summer. Cucumbers are easy to grow and do quite well here in Minnesota, […]

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