Honey Glazed Baby Carrots

Carrot Nutrition & Buttery Thyme Carrot Recipe

Bright orange, crunchy, and just a little sweet – carrots are one of nature’s best snack foods. Carrots are a root vegetable and are incredibly versatile in recipes. Carrots star in entrees, soups, salads, breads and even desserts like carrot cake. But carrots aren’t just versatile; they offer a variety of health benefits as well! […]

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Pears in Basket still life

Pear Nutrition Facts | Elegant Caramelized Baked Pear Recipe

December is national pear month and a great time to celebrate all that sweet winter pears have to offer. Pears are one of the most popular fruits in the US, falling just behind apples in popularity. Pears come in many varieties including Asian varieties with a firm crisp texture and European varieties like the Bartlett […]

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Cinnamon glazed almonds

Cinnamon Glazed Almond Recipe & Nut Nutrition Facts

Nuts provide protein and are a rich source of monounsaturated heart-healthy fats, which can lower bad cholesterol and even reduce heart disease risk. Nuts and almonds also provide vitamin E, folate, potassium and essential nutrients like copper and magnesium. Almonds are available year-round and are very versatile. This time of year you can usually find […]

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Closeup of a Barbecue chicken plate with cole slaw, pinto beans and corn bread. The meal is on a rus

Easy Slow Cooker Pinto Bean Recipe

Dried beans are an economical source of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Dried beans are also much cheaper then canned beans and when using dried beans instead of canned beans, you and you can control the amount of sodium you use and limit your exposure to BPA, a chemical that is sometimes still used in […]

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How to Serve a Safe Holiday Buffet

This time of year, it’s popular to celebrate holidays by inviting friends or family over for a special holiday buffet. However, leaving food out for long periods of time can result unintended guests such as bacteria that can make you sick for days. But, if you plan right and follow these simple rules for how […]

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